It Crossed My Mind…



Both mind and soul intrigues me
with words so raw yet polished
no bounds exist in our story
her moans echoing in my head
she tastes like honey and sin
as we cross through pain and ecstasy
our shadows dancing by candlelight
no possessions… only the present
let her juices meld us into one
a symphony of seduction
our savage entanglement…


Skylarr © 2019



4 thoughts on “It Crossed My Mind…

  1. this dance, the grace of legs
    and hands and lips and sighs
    these walls echoing
    with his name and mine
    his fingers tracing fire
    across my mind, my skin
    eyes flying open in delighted wonder
    he tastes like the ocean and youth
    the music of passionate desire
    we exist in just this moment
    as I wrap myself around him
    pulling him deeper, freeing us both

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    1. a window in time
      that’s played out in my head
      more than I care to admit
      my mouth softly kissing
      her cheeks and sweet lips
      my tongue working slowly
      down her neck… softly biting
      we own this night… this sensual dance
      as she straddles me gracefully
      and begins her sweet ride
      her beauty lit by the moon
      our desire so fierce
      our pleasure so full

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