You know who you are… Thanks for sharing

I doubt it comes as any great shock to those few of you who either follow or read my words that I have not been ~ blogging ~ for long at all. I have been a writer and poet for many years but this is a new medium for me.

I am humbled by many of you out there as I read your work. Your mastery with words and images gives this old dog renewed hope that our’s is not a lost art. I have published on many sites, but what I have seen of late is different all together. In my writing, I subscribe to no rules of poetry or prose. I am very rough around the edges and am quite content with that. I simply want a canvas upon to bleed. I care little about the scene of the crime. Those of you I follow and comment on are artist of another level in so far that you combine a mastery of words with a polished presentation.

Thank you for sharing your talent. We are all better to have experienced it…