It Crossed My Mind…



Both mind and soul intrigues me
with words so raw yet polished
no bounds exist in our story
her moans echoing in my head
she tastes like honey and sin
as we cross through pain and ecstasy
our shadows dancing by candlelight
no possessions… only the present
let her juices meld us into one
a symphony of seduction
our savage entanglement…


Skylarr © 2019




use2 erotic

Strangers helpless to resist

a cosmic connection

No words were said as I

slipped off your dress

Tongues twisted

in a furious hunger

We devoured each other

body and soul

My hands teasing

your glistening perfection

 My lips work feverishly

 your breast and below

My fingers parting you…

Emerald eyes locked with mine

Nothing exist outside

this moment


Skylarr ~ © 2019

The Beginning


Walk to the window and look out at the night. Open your robe and let it drop to the floor. At first, you’ll feel only my breath, then slowly my tongue will begin to trace up the back of your thighs…
first the right
then the left…

Sliding my hand up as I push your legs apart. Forcing you to bend over and place your hands on the sill.
My fingers enter you slowly at first massaging
your clit as you go from moist to wet.
Turning quickly you stare at me,
forcing me to stand as you push me back to the bed swinging your body over me. Your delicious pussy inches from my face…
You reach back spreading open your pink delight, lowering it just close enough.
Using both hands I spread your cheeks
and penetrate your dripping, raw, wet
and luscious wonder.
You begin rhythmically grinding
raising and lowering what has become my obsession.
Breathless I endure as I drink in your juices with the thirst of a dying man.
My fingers working every opening.
My tongue flickering your treasure as
your moans turn to screams.
Your legs begin to tremble then shake as you grind harder.
Your juices turn creamy as now I am swallowing in your joy… licking and sucking still.
Wanting only to possess your pussy
for a night that has just begun.

Skylarr (C) 2019