Word Bender

I bend the words

I shape them to my reality

as they are my only absolute

so magical in their purity

yet wicked in their truth

my one true love…


Skylarr ~ © 2019

Just another night…

The darker side of moonlight

only there lies my truth

I cannot stop the screams

a million ghost in my head

as I am their last connection

we feed off each other

like animals in the wild

a symbiotic dance

our love affair of the damned


Skylarr ~ © 2019



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Angel’s wings cloak the pain within her

Clinging tightly to iron bars that only she can see

Escape is futile from the prison of her dreams

As only in the distance lies the secrets of her past


Skylarr ~ © 2019   Repost from my closed site

In Her Eyes


it is there

and only there

that I find my peace

my sins drift away

like so many ashes in the wind

for in her eyes

are my only hope

my last chance

may she never know

the pain I’ve felt

the life I’ve lived


Skylarr ~ © 2019     For My Daughter


use2 erotic

Strangers helpless to resist

a cosmic connection

No words were said as I

slipped off your dress

Tongues twisted

in a furious hunger

We devoured each other

body and soul

My hands teasing

your glistening perfection

 My lips work feverishly

 your breast and below

My fingers parting you…

Emerald eyes locked with mine

Nothing exist outside

this moment


Skylarr ~ © 2019